It’s interesting, the way a beautiful diamond is made in the same manner as a beautiful human. It’s not by accumulation, by adding to it, or giving it more. Whether by laser or hand, the process of refinement requires slowly chiseling away that which isn’t needed. Perhaps the ambition to “know who you are” is a bit far-reaching, a bit misleading. Perhaps, to know what you are Not -is enough. Just maybe, the fewer definitions we allow to stick to us, the fewer labels, the least amount of inflexible beliefs or ideas…

The closer we become to being what we already are. 

Perhaps our potential is not found through knowledge gained, but knowledge lost. The knowledge that says I know, and you don’t. The knowledge that says I have the way, and you don’t. Perhaps this is the greatest trap of all?

I’ll rest comfortably with “I don’t know.” If knowing pleases you, by all means, the pursuit of knowledge seems your safest bet. If freedom is your aim, perhaps you should give “knowledge” a closer look.

Would you be willing to lose the stars, to gain the universe? I wonder.